How do I export form entries to Excel?

Every time a user submits your forms, the data is stored in the website’s database. This lets you export form entries to a CSV file, that can then be imported into apps such as Excel, Google Sheets and Numbers.

When might this be useful?

  • Registration forms, where you want to export a complete list of people who have registered at once.
  • Surveys, where you want to export the summary data for further processing.

Running the export

To access the export tool, go to Forms > Import/Export. This will automatically open up the Export Entries tab.

From the dropdown list, select the form whose entries you wish to export. A list of the form fields available to export will be shown to you.

From the list, either select the specific fields you want or click Select all to select all at once.

When you are done, run the export by clicking the Download Export File button at the bottom. Or if you want to customize your selection, continue reading.

Including only a selection

From the Conditional Fields section you may create rules for the export. This is useful to exclude some entires. You may, for example, only want entries where users have consented to marketing.

When adding multiple rules you can select if all the rules should be required (limiting the set) or if any rule should be match (widening the set).

Include entries from a certain date range

If you periodically export entries from your form, such as from a continuous survey, you will find it useful to include only new entries since last time.

You have three options for date ranges:

  • Set only a start date. This will include all entries from that date until today.
  • Set only an end date. This will include all entries from the start up to and including the end date.
  • Set both a start date and end date. This will include entries between (and including) the two dates.

The date range here is only for the date when the user submitted the form. If you wish to limit by date ranges in a date field in your form, please use the conditional logic explained above.

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