Block Library 2.0

Release Date: 2020-08-15

Note: There is a breaking change in 2.0.0 that require styling attention. Background images are removed and replaced with “true images” with object-fit.


  • Collection for our namespaced blocks so that you can find all in the same place. (#26)
  • Core block patterns included with WordPress 5.5 are removed by default. (#41)
  • All images markup support WordPress’ automatic addition of srcset and sizes. (#38)
  • Ability to set Cover height in rem, em and vh. (#16)
  • Style variation for the hero block with image – text split.
  • Filters for changing the HTML markup in the editor for dynamic content blocks.


  • Recategorized the blocks to make them easier to find and understand. (#30)
  • Refactored all blocks to functional components (#33)
  • A better Swedish translation now included. (#28)
  • Background images are removed in favor of true images with object-fit. (#27)
  • Link selectors now use the new URL Picker component (#21)
  • We’re no longer forcing the top toolbar mode since WordPress 5.5 fixes issues with the inline toolbar. (#53)
  • Refactored section blocks to use withSection HOC instead of including wrapping components in every block.
  • Refactored figures to a shared Figure component.
  • Cleaned up non-production files from include.


  • Where formattingControls, allowedFormatting is now used instead.
  • Usage of IconButton is placed with Button.
  • Usage of isDefault on buttons is replaced with isSecondary.
  • Permission callback for menus API endpoint.

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