Block Library 2.1

Release Date: 2020-08-30


  • Alias for all block names in English so that they can always be found with their “original” name, regardless of the website’s language. (#73)
  • New Block: Callout (#72)
  • Ability to select a display heading level for the headings block. (#5)
  • New Block: Panel Slider (#67)
  • A filter bm_block_library_blocks that can be used to block certain blocks from loading. (#54)
  • Block variations to alert and posts blocks. (#25)
  • Support for block patterns, more will come in a future update. Patterns can be disabled via the bm_block_library_enable_block_patterns filter. (#24)
  • Buttons (a group of buttons) can now be oriented horizontally and vertically. (#80)
  • Buttons (a single button) can now have pre-selected styles: primary, secondary, clear and text only. Styling should be updated accordingly. (#69)


  • Added the option of a subtitle to the call to action block. Requires markup and slight styling change. (#70)
  • Steps now have two styling options, horizontal and vertical. (#71)
  • Updated the translation template with new/updated strings.
  • Updated Swedish translation with new strings.
  • Moved all blocks to a lighter block markup. Editor markup and frontend markup are now equal, making styling easier. Requires styling change in a theme for the editor. (#83)
  • We no longer allow HTML editing for blocks, this is too error-prone. (#85)

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